Keep that Showroom Style

You can be proud of a new car. You can take pride in its soft leather seats, the shine of its paintwork and the gleaming alloys. Pity it never stays like that, eh? Let the kids, dog or – let’s face it – adults loose on your back seat and there’ll soon be spilt juice or coffee staining the upholstery, muck around the mud flaps and streaks along the bonnet. Unless you’re going to put your car in for a regular and pretty deep valet – and how much is that going to cost? – there’s not much you can really do about it.

Only, now there is. Autoglym LifeShine creates a protective layer around the interior and exterior of your car. Not only will the process protect your car for the length of your ownership, it will also help it retain much of its value. We’ve all heard the truism that a car plummets in value the moment it leaves the showroom, but much of the vehicle’s resale value is based on its cosmetic condition. Autoglym protects against many of the smudges, marks and stains that make a car appear old before its time.

The Autoglym LifeShine process is available to 70% of the UK population. Fully trained technicians will travel to meet you and can carry out the protection process on site. Alternatively, you can travel to meet them at an authorised garage. The process is only currently available in the UK and Ireland through fully authorised ownerships, so you can rest assured that you are paying for a quality service.

First, your car has to be prepared for the process. This means thoroughly cleaning the vehicle to remove any dirt and/or tar spots that are already there to ensure the LifeShine has the securest possible application. Although car protection is most commonly applied to new cars before they leave the showroom, this section of the treatment is most important on nearly new and used cars, as they are obviously more likely to have amassed some dirt. A clay bar and lubricants are used to remove any contaminants that may mean the LifeShine doesn’t adhere correctly. The interior of the car is similarly cleaned and vacuumed, and any pre-existing stains or marks removed (we wouldn’t want to be locking in the very things we are trying to prevent).

LifeShine provides your car’s paintwork with an invisible protective layer. As well as protecting your paintwork from even the harshest of weather – it offers protection against acid rain, and industrial fallout and dirt – the coating brightens your car’s shine. LifeShine is also water repellant. This makes cleaning easier, as fluids bead on the surface instead of sinking into upholstery (creating stains) or streaming off the bodywork in sheets. When used on car windows, it also ensures better visibility and greater safety in poor weather conditions.

Keep that paintwork shining for the lifetime of your ownership with Autoglym LifeShine.